Tenant Resources for Rentals

To be eligible to rent a home through KRK Realty and Management, you must have:

  • Verifiable rental history
  • Verifiable income that is at least three times the monthly rent (you and/or a co-signer)
  • Acceptable credit rating

If you are approved to rent a property, there are a couple of things you’ll need to get taken care of before you can pick up your keys.

Tenant Resources KRK Realty and Management

  1. You will need to turn on your new home’s utilities. Please ask us which of the following pertains to your location:
  2. You must have adequate rental insurance. Ask your current insurance agent or reach out to one of our recommended partners:


1. HVAC – Aspen Air 602-377-5747 or 602-326-5714
2. Plumbing – Kendall Plumbing 480-969-1040
3. General Contractor – Todd Sprout 371-331-5435
4. Handyman – Todd Green 480-678-4130
5. Glass – R & J Glass 602-716-1820

Other Helpful Links

Home Foreclosure Warranty for Tenants

At KRK Realty and Management, we believe in serving tenants with respect and care. Hopefully a home foreclosure is an unlikely scenario, but in the recent past, many management companies have lost half of their managed homes to foreclosure and other companies closing their doors, so we recognize this risk. Please note that KRK Realty deposits ALL SECURITY DEPOSITS in a trust account to fully protect the tenant against foreclosure. 100% deposit will be returned to the tenant, regardless of condition of home, in the event of foreclosure.

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